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Farewell Year Five Acrostic Poem

Year five has been full of laughter,

Exciting at times too.

All the class is family,

Respectful and kind.


Forever I will remember, 

In my mind and heart.

Very much the class of year 5

Everybody inside.


I have really enjoyed year five, so it's hard to say goodbye to it. I decided to make this poem to remember all those fun times we had.

How can I be a missionary disciple?

Hello. I am teaching you how to be a missionary disciple. A missionary disciple isn’t just about preaching about God and the miracles Jesus had done, but it is also about understanding what God wants you to do. You must trust in God. You must have faith in God. Even if you think he leads you to sin. He will never lead you to sin. He will never blind you. What I am saying is, that God’s love for us is endless. And you must understand that. You must understand the teachings of Jesus.

A missionary disciple teaches about the Lord and his Son.

A missionary disciple respects others.

A missionary disciple trusts in the promises of God.

A missionary disciple lets Jesus live in their hearts.

A missionary disciple doesn’t boast.

A missionary disciple is holy.

A missionary disciple is glorified by God.

A missionary disciple’s heart is free from sin, hatred and unhappiness.

And to be a missionary disciple you need to do these things.

How can I be a missionary disciple?

Hello, today I want to talk to you about how you can be a missionary disciple.

  • you shall always honour people no matter what.
  • respect people no matter if they are younger than you.
  • always respect you elders.
  • spread the word of God no matter were you are.
  • always believe that God is a miracle worker.
  • romans4:5 we are counted as righteous not because of our work but because of God who foregive sinners.
  • romans5:12 when Adam sinned sin entered the world Adams sin brought death so death spreads to every one.
  • romans3:21 but now God has show us away to be made right with he did this through Christ Jesus when he fed us from the penalty of our sins.

How can I be a missionary Disciple ?

Dear Lord, 

Help me to teach people read the scriptures and to love one and other 

like Simon Peter, preaching the Gospel never keeping silent and

I should be kind in church and outside.

How can I be a missionary disciple

Dear God, help me to be a better missionary disciple and spreed the good news more, help me to learn move about.


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